Sentence Examples

  1. There are many animals at the zoo.
  2. There are many toys at my house.
  3. Oh no! There are no heathers at my house.
  4. Where are we at right now?
  1. Wow!There are many tomatoes at the grocery store!
  2. Oh no!The rabbit ate a tomato from my garden!
  3. Do you now how much Roma tomatoes cost?
  4. Do you now how much pound this tomato is?
  1. Do you know what is the pamphlet that Thomas Jeferson wrote?
  2. Do you want to publish the pamphlet that you made?
  3. Do you now how much this pamphlet costs?
  4. Do you know who wrote this awesome pamphlet?
  1. What chapter are you currently reading?
  2. I am reading the 7th chapter of this book.
  3. Oh no! I can't find the chapter book that I got from the library!
  4. Have you ever read a chapter book before?
  5. I have only read some of the chapters in this book.
  6. There are only a few chapters left in this book.
  7. There are many chapter books in this library.
  1. The microscope helped me see the small item much bigger.
  2. Where did my microscope go?
  3. Wow! This pencil is much bigger when I see the pencil through a microscope.
  4. I used the microscope to look at the items bigger.
  1. Do you know when telephones were invented?
  2. You can make phone calls using a telephone.
  3. Do you know who invented the telephone?
  4. Do you know when people switched from telephones to cell phones?
  5. Telephones was a big addition to the way we communicate.
  1. Can you please find the verb in the sentence?
  2. What is the action verb in the sentence?
  3. Please tell me the verb phrase in the sentence.
  4. Is the word sitting a verb or a noun?
  5. Please tell me what is a helping verb.
  1. Wow! It looks like you have put in a lot of effort for this project!
  2. You need to put in a lot of effort in your work in order to get a good grade.
  3. This person has put lots of effort in this awesome painting.
  4. Many people put in their best effort to create this huge and amazing building.
  1. What is the amount of money you have right now?
  2. Please tell me the amount of guests that are going to come here.
  3. Can you please selected the amount of money you would like to donate.