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List of Apps Created By Aswin's Good Apps
App Name Description App Status Send Feedback Version
ExpertiseX by Aswin's Good Apps A simple app for learning tutorials through various ways such as interactive tutorials, video tutorials, etc. Stable -- Some Lists Aren't Updated Feedback for ExpertiseX V.3.9
Aswin's Stories A simple app for reading stories. Some stories come along with videos too. Beta Feedback for Aswin's Stories V.4.4
Aswin's Sentences A simple app for looking at sentence examples for each word. Stable Coming Soon V.2.2
Aswin's Games A simple app for looking at games along with learning games. Stable Coming Soon V.3.1
Aswin's Calculator A app for calculating equations, along with fractions and percents. Stable Coming Soon V.4.1
DocCraft Pro An app for doing writing things and formating them, and downloading it. Stable Coming Soon V.4.7
Aswin's Code Editor An app for editing HTML code. Stable Give feedback for Aswin's Code Editor V.3.39
Aswin's Dictionary An app for finding the definition of words. Stable Coming Soon V.2.3
Aswin's Ultra Director An app for doing video editing. Under Development/Beta Coming Soon V.4.2
Aswin's Star Collage An app for creating collages. Stable Send Feedback for Star Collage V.3.8
InfoSphere An app for looking up facts and history articles as well as real time facts. Under Development Coming Soon V.1.0
Aswin's TableCalc An app for adding text in multiple text boxes and then downloading them. Stable With Limited Features Coming Soon V.2.9
Aswin's MasterSlide An app for creating slideshows with templates and then presenting them. Under Development -- Basic Features Stable V.4.39
Aswin's Certificate Creator An app for creating certificates and downloading them. Stable with limited Features V.1.5
Aswin's Worksheet Finder An app for finding worksheets/study guides and printing them. Stable with Limited Features V.1.3
ForecastStar An app for finding detailed weather. Beta V.1.4
Aswin's Hap Studio An app for editing images using effects.. Beta Feedback for Hap Editor. V.1.0
Basic Chat - AIstar An AI bot made using a combination of scripts and generative AI. Under Dev Feedback for AIstar Latest Version
Text2pdf - AIstar An AI bot that converts natural language into mind-blowings pdfs. Stable Feedback for AIstar Latest Version
Talk to LLama2 Chatbot - AIstar An AI bot that is made by meta and has a knowledge cutoff in August 2022. Stable Feedback for AIstar Latest Version